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Personal Finance

Make smart economic decisions and secure a personal financial future


  • Margaret Magnarelli, author and former Assisting Managing Editor at Money magazine, covers financial planning basics; working and earning; budgeting, banking, and money management; investing for the future; using credit wisely; and managing risk
  • addresses the C3 Framework in order to prepare students for the challenges of college, career, and civic life
  • Personalize It! text at the start of each chapter relates content to students’ lives
  • scenarios of two high school students struggling with money and financial issues presented throughout for students to consider and offer advice
  • Making Cent$ of It challenges students to apply critical thinking skills
  • illustrations, photographs, diagrams, tables, and graphs prepare students for understanding real-life financial presentations of data
  • internet resources extend learning
  • comprehensive chapter reviews
  • 262 pages
Teacher Package

Teacher Manual

Offers useful approaches, including objectives for introducing, teaching, summarizing, extending, and evaluating the lesson.


Includes chapter tests made up of multiple-choice, short response, and application questions.


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  1. Personal Finance

    Personal Finance

    Student Edition Softcover


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  2. Personal Finance

    Personal Finance

    Margaret Magnarelli

    Teacher Package (Digital Edition)

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