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Literature & Thought

Teaching Support

  • Planning guides—options for four- to six-week units, one- to two-week units, and for using with novels and/or nonfiction titles.
  • Thinking skills instruction—modeling, strategies, and reproducible activities for each thinking skill.
  • Selection-specific activities—focused discussion questions, writing activities, and academic vocabulary.
  • Cluster-specific activities—multiple assessment options, writing activities, and project suggestions.
  • Additional features—anticipation guide, introducing the theme/central question, related literature suggestions, and much more.

Interactive Whiteboard Lessons

  • Critical thinking skills—specific support for teaching each critical thinking skill.
  • Skills instruction—additional instruction for skills such as analysis of sources, comparing points of view, evaluating and integrating sources of information, and more.
  • Writing rubrics—step-by-step walkthrough of expectations and rubrics for writing tasks.

Included with Teacher Guide on CD.

Great Books Discussion Guides for Teachers

  • overview of close reading and Shared Inquiry discussion approach
  • strategies for initial reading, second reading, and specific close reading questions for key selections throughout
  • available for 20 titles