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Economics for Everybody

Addresses the critical thinking, inquiry, and problem-solving skills necessary to succeed in today's economy

Provide students with the economic foundations they need to function successfully in and out of the classroom.


  • detailed coverage of all the major fundamentals of economics such as saving and investing, using consumer credit wisely, finding a job, buying and selling stocks and bonds, regulating international trade, and more
  • addresses the C3 Framework in order to prepare students for the challenges of college, career, and civic life
  • new and relevant data illustrates changes in the United States’ economy such as fluctuations in costs associated with the import and export of goods
  • illustrations and graphs throughout enhance lesson content
  • heightened coverage of important economic concepts and theories
  • Inquiry into Economics poses thought-provoking questions, encouraging discussion and collaboration
  • Special Topics in Economics consists of ten relevant topics such as Paying for Education, Supply-Side Economics, and Natural Monopolies
  • comprehensive end-of-chapter summaries and exercises, a glossary, and an index
  • The Language of Economics online student component with mini vocabulary activities for English Language Learners at varying proficiency levels
  • 647 pages

Teacher Manual

Provides instructors with a compact, well-organized framework for teaching a course in economics. For each of the text’s 38 chapters, the manual provides chapter pretests, suggested lesson plans, objectives, key terms, major concepts, assignments, and suggestions for using the text.

Assessment CD

Also included is one practice test for each chapter and one practice test for each unit. Each test consists of 10 multiple-choice items, two short-answer items, and one essay item. At least four items require students to interpret a text or graphic.

An Answer Key is included.


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  1. Economics for Everybody, Fourth Edition

    Economics for Everybody, Fourth Edition

    Gerson Antell & Walter Harris

    Student Edition Hardcover

    Provides students with the basic economic understandings they need to function successfully as consumers, entrepreneurs, producers, and taxpaying citizens. Learn More

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  2. Economics for Everybody, Fourth Edition

    Economics for Everybody, Fourth Edition

    Student Edition Online (6-year License)


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  3. Economics for Everybody, Fourth Edition

    Economics for Everybody, Fourth Edition

    Teacher Package

    Includes Teacher Manual (print) and ExamView. Sold only in conjunction with a classroom set of 25 print or online Student Editions Learn More
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