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Reviewing the Living Environment: Biology

A complete review of a traditional course in biology

This review text can serve as a topical review of course content as preparation for periodic tests and final examinations, and as a source of questions for homework assignments. 276 pages.


  • 30 concise chapters are organized into seven major themes—Scientific and Laboratory Procedures; Energy, Matter, and Organization; Maintaining a Dynamic Equilibrium; Reproduction, Growth, and Development; Genetics and Molecular Biology; Evolution: Change Over Time; and Interaction and Interdependence
  • two chapters cover topics in scientific inquiry and laboratory skills
  • nearly 1,000 questions include multiple-choice, open-ended, graphing, short answer, and short essay
  • illustrations and photographs clarify the text and question sets

An Answer Key is available.


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  1. Reviewing the Living Environment: Biology, Second Edition

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  2. Reviewing the Living Environment: Biology, Second Edition

    Reviewing the Living Environment: Biology, Second Edition

    Answer Key (Digital Edition)

    Designed specifically for the New York Regents exam, Reviewing Biology provides systematic coverage of tested content, review questions for each standard, and extensive Regents exam practice. Features include abundant illustrations to enhance comprehensio Learn More

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