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Reviewing English Language Arts

Targeted instruction for reading, writing, and language skills

Students develop the skills needed for success through guided practice and assessment of key skills and concepts.

  • Close reading—questions and tasks elicit sustained attention to the text and require the use of textual evidence, including supporting valid inferences from the text.
  • Complex texts—lessons include Exemplar texts and high-quality, grade-level fiction, poetry, drama, and informational texts.
  • Key Writing types—lessons include characteristics of good writing, argumentative, informational, and literary analysis.
  • Assessment practice—assess students’ understanding of targeted skills and concepts with guided support throughout the lesson, ending with a final independent assessment of all skills taught within the lesson.

Each lesson provides in-depth instruction and practice for targeted skills and concepts.

Lesson Structure

The lessons within the chapters are arranged according to key skills and concepts. A three-step lesson design allows for focused instruction and guided practice.

STEP 1: Review—clear instruction with examples and key terms defined

STEP 2: Check Understanding—a quick check of student understanding

STEP 3: Try It—guided practice using high-quality texts

Students demonstrate understanding of all the skills and concepts studied through multiple assessments—Chapter Reviews, Unit Reviews, and Mastery Test.

Contents in Brief

Unit 1: Reading Literary Texts

  • Chapter 1: Close Reading of Literary Texts
  • Chapter 2: Theme
  • Chapter 3: Author Choices
  • Chapter 4: Language & Tone
  • Chapter 5: Structure of Literature
  • Chapter 6: Author’s Point of View & Purpose
  • Unit 1 Review Test

Unit 2: Reading Informational Texts

  • Chapter 7: Close Reading of Informational Texts
  • Chapter 8: Central Ideas
  • Chapter 9: Complex Ideas & Events
  • Chapter 10: The Language of Information
  • Chapter 11: Structure of Informational Texts
  • Chapter 12: Author’s Point of View
  • Unit 2 Review Test

Unit 3: Writing to Sources

  • Chapter 13: Characteristics of Good Writing
  • Chapter 14: Writing Arguments
  • Chapter 15: Writing Informational Texts
  • Chapter 16: Writing about Literature
  • Unit 3 Review Test

Mastery Test


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  1. Reviewing English Language Arts - Grades 11-12

    Reviewing English Language Arts - Grades 11-12

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    Targeted instruction for all reading, writing, and language skills commonly assessed on English Language Arts Exit Exams. Learn More

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  2. Reviewing English Language Arts - Grades 11-12

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